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Our Team


Aurelian (Relu) Ababei 

Born in Romania, Relu worked side-by-side with his father in the family construction business, learning important lessons early in life about the value of exquisite craftsmanship, the distinction in the details and that shortcuts never pay. 

His father also instilled in him this lesson: The workday isn't over until the next day's preparations are done. Working with Relu means the worksite is always cleaned up and tools are put away so the site is ready for tomorrow.

This ethos also means that Relu and his team don't start a project until all preparations are done - team assembled and scheduled, permits in place and materials are on site. This preparation helps mitigate mistakes, cost overruns and project delays. 

An inquisitive child, Relu was always taking things apart and building them up again. His lifelong passion for understanding how things work and work right resulted in a commitment to traditional craftsmanship bolstered by a keen interest in technology. One of Relu's passions is marrying beautiful craftsmanship with automation to make each home comfortable and functional, from automated lighting controls to smart outlets, heating floors to in-home surround sound.

Relu has assembled a team of in-house professionals who share his resolute work ethic and philosophies of superior craftsmanship and pride in a job done right. 

His passion for design and construction is evident in your first conversation, as he works with you to make your dream home your reality.



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