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Your home is more than just the space you inhabit. It is an expression of who you are and what's important to you. The big picture is important, but it's the details that make it about you.

Complete Home Performance uses the latest technologies so your house isn't just beautiful, it's advanced, with heated floors, smart lighting and automation.

Our expert European craft masters focus on every important detail​ so you don't have to.


Each member of our team is a Certified Master Tradesman, working with you to deliver the home you want in the budget you allow.


We source your materials. We finish the job. We do it right.​


We're not there just to get the job done, but to do it well, on time and within your budget.


Our commitment to Smart Remodeling means we don't begin working on your build until all permits are obtained and the materials are on site. We don't start until we're ready to work, saving you time and money. And we don't stop working on your project until it's finished, the way you want.


No side jobs, no in-betweens.


Our Master Tradesmen approach each job with care and excellence, working on your home until the job is done to your satisfaction.


We don't just finish the job, we stand by the work we do long after the job is done.


Each expert tradesman who works for Complete Home Performance is licensed and insured. This means there will be no extra hidden costs for labor attached to the end of your project.

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