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Older homes in the Washington DC Metro area may not meet the needs of your modern family, but if you love where you live, building an addition to your home is a great way to add extra space for your family to spread out. 

Creating a home addition requires understanding the goals for the new space, evaluating the existing space, and ensuring that the addition blends seamlessly with the interior and exterior of the home.

On the ground floor, additions can increase the square footage of a current room. A bump-out can make room for a kitchen expansion or turn a small living room into a large sunroom, with glass walls that maximize natural light and outdoor views.

If you have limited ground space and don't want to build a new foundation, second-floor additions to a bungalow or ranch house can give you the extra space you seek. Building over an existing garage gives you the foundation you need for a master retreat, second-floor laundry room or a new office.


If you envision it, we will help you create it.  

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